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Frequently asked questions

Question: How does Strategy Analyzer work?

Answer: Campaigns can be setup to import the data automatically from Google Analytics, Google AdWords, and BING using the various API calls. Manually entered data or uploaded CSV data is also performed at the Campaign level and can also be setup to be automated. The imports can be scheduled to to import at specific times and dates. Reports can be generated based on the data imported.

Question: How is Strategy Analyzer organized?

Answer: Clients branch to Marketing Channels, which contain Campaigns. Marketing Channel types control the type of data contained within the Campaign.

Question: Can I invite a client to see the account?

Answer: Yes, simply contact support to add another user to your account. Accounts are divided into Administrative and User type accounts. Account adminsitrators have the ability to setup data imports and add/remove campaigns. Users only have the ability to generate reports using the Reporting area of the application.

Question: Can I export my data?

Answer: Strategy Analyzer allows you to export your data using CSV files, PDF Documents, or HTML pages.

Question: What if I have questions?

Answer: Strategy Analyzer has a support packages available which allows you access to LIVE CHAT and account management assistance. Support tickets can also be generated by simply emailing support@strategyanalyzer.com.