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How to Get Started

Stop Wasting Time formatting Spreadsheets and Start Optimizing your Marketing Strategies!

Put Strategy Analyzer to work for you:

Strategy Analyzer provides you unprecedented reporting flexibility, empowering you to focus your efforts on analysis and profit based decision making.

  • Compare all of your marketing and budget according to ROI
  • Import any marketing data available in .csv
  • Save time formatting
  • Save time gathering data from multiple accounts
  • Customize in depth reports with 25 different layout combinations and over 50 different metrics
  • View your aggregate data as a Marketing Channel or at an individual Campaign level
  • Produce reporting formats in HTML, CSV, and PDF
  • Schedule data imports from multiple sources
  • Build and schedule reports to be emailed automiatically
  • Provide better answers, faster
  • Focus on the analytics that matter
  • Spend your time providing value to your business or clients
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