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Marketing Data Visualization & Reporting Automation

Product Features & Benefits

Fast, Accurate Reporting for all Marketing Channels.

Climb out of the spreadsheet quicksand and take your reporting to the next level! Automate actionable reports with less time and effort. Display the information needed to make valuable marketing decisions. Save time on client marketing reports.

Benefits starting at only $29.99/monthly:

  • Unlock the power of your analytic campaign data
  • Instantly provide more accurate reporting for your company or client
  • Easily measure profit from Social Media, PPC, SEO, Email, Direct Mail, TV, Radio and more
  • Create custom dashboards with the most important KPI's for each marketing channel
  • Send beautiful PDF reports in seconds to clients or senior executives
  • Quickly generate marketing reports without hours of spreadsheet work
  • Affordably implement a marketing reporting solution
  • Pinpoint effective strategies with campaign notes

Here's how it works:

1. Setup your campaign: Strategy Analyzer will automatically pull the data from your various marketing channels

2. Customize your template: Simply choose the key performance data that you would like displayed in the report

3.Generate Reports: Set your time frame for reports and generate aggregate marketing reports or reports on specific marketing channels or campaigns


Is Strategy Analyzer right for your business?

Reserve a demo and learn more about how this affordable reporting tool can save your business time and money and help to improve marketing results.

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